The Real Estate Connection!

The Real Estate Connection!  I have expertise in the following:

Avoid Foreclosure!

Free Market Report!

Bank Owned Properties!




  • Mike Price Broker Associate – a Real Estate Broker Associate in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma first licensed in 1997.

  • I can bring a better net than if you were to sell your home yourself. Impossible? I need just 30 minutes of your time to explain.

  • In addition to home sales, Mike offers a full range of real estate services including REO/BPO/ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICES. THE TIME HAS COME TO SAY “YES I CAN!

  • Your bank wants to Avoid foreclosure as badly or worse than you want to avoid foreclosure.

  • Comprehensive Real Estate Services Include:
    New Home Sales
    Connecting Buyers to Builders, Resources and Loan Products.
    Existing Home Sales
    Selling Your Home for Most the Most the Market can bring.

  • Short Sales/Pre-Foreclosure
    This is A Free Service for those who qualify.

    REO Services
    Coordinating Repairs and Other Services for Asset Management Companies

    Property Management
    Managing Your Property While Keeping an Open Line of



Contact Mike and learn what Extraordinary Realtor tools can do for you.

The Real Estate Connection!

Ask and you will receive!!!

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