REO Services I Can Provide

REO Bank Owned Services I Can Provide:

 Exterior and interior Broker Price Opinion (BPO) to be completed with 72 hours of Broker acceptance unless otherwise specified. BPO Form will be completed on documents specified in manner to be specified.  BPO will be “client specific.”   

Repairs needed to add value and/or enhance marketability will be itemized as specified in BPO order.  Repairs that will be possible lender requirements for FHA/VA will be specified as directed.  Extensive narratives will be provided to explain any special circumstances or property conditions not readily apparent from photographs.   

By the use of the BPO I will complete, a realistic marketing scenario will be readily apparent.  When possible, comparables will be from same addition or within one mile radius of subject property closed within six months of date of completion of BPO.  When not, possible; I will provide narrative explaining market factors and reasons for adjustments. 

When performing BPO on manufactured home, I will make every effort to obtain the HOA information as well as the VIN.  When HOA and/VIN are not available, I will narrate my efforts.   

Repair estimates will be obtained from multiple contractors.  Recommended repairs will be within bylaws of any HOA/FHA/VA requirements.


Utilities will be establishes in accordance with established procedures and protocols  of REO company/property owner.

This is a list of REO Services I can Provide.


Ask and you will receive!!!

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